Healthy Blood Flow

For a Healthy Life

Good blood flow is important for your Brain to maintain memory and cognition

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  • Improves blood flow
  • Prevents new blood clots
  • Improves platelet function
  • Improves arterial wall flexibility
  • Reduces arterial wall inflammation

Why Vasculex

Vasculex returns coagulation to normal which is how blood & nutrition gets to each and every organ through healthy blood flow. This changes with food, activity, stress and many others factors increasing at night.

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Vasculex Product Line

Vasculex is a natural product which contains 250 mg protein resulting from the fermentation of Bacillopeptidase F proprietary blend from, with a proprietary blend containing a proprietary blend of AGC and non B vitamin that provides healthier platelet function and arterial wall flexibility. Thus promoting a healthy global arterial structure and flow

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