Have you been having trouble lately in recalling events from not so long ago? Do you feel mentally and physically exhausted on a daily basis, making it difficult for you to get work done efficiently? These three tips will help you improve your cognitive skills and memory.

Get Plenty of Sleep

You know how they say you need at least 8 hours of sleep each day to stay healthy and wise? Well, they’re not kidding! Research has shown that having healthy sleeping patterns and habits can improve your cognitive ability while also boosting your memory.


Sleep deprivation and disorders such as insomnia cause more than just physical and mental exhaustion. When your body does not get enough hours of sleep, the sympathetic nervous system stimulates the release of cortisol, i.e. the stress hormone. Not only does this increase your risk of high blood pressure, but it also impacts your ability to recall or make decisions. Since your brain hasn’t had the time to reset and refresh through sleep, you feel a considerable brain strain or brain fog, making it difficult to function and perform even simple tasks.

Socialize Often

If you’re a social butterfly, the chances are that you’ll have enhanced cognitive functioning and memory. A 2004 study has shown that individuals who have larger social circles and engage in networking and socializing are less likely to display signs of cognitive decline as they grow older, unlike those who prefer to be on their own. Having a healthy and thriving social life can significantly improve your cognitive potential, helping you fight stress, feelings of isolation, and risks of developing dementia.

 Exercise Regularly

We know what you’re thinking; how does exercising possibly have any effect on your cognitive abilities and memory? Well, exercise allows for optimal blood circulation to your brain, providing it with oxygen and nutrients to keep it healthy and functioning well.

The better the blood and oxygen supply to the brain, the healthier the mind will be and you’ll be less likely to be affected by various disorders and diseases. One way to facilitate your neuronal connections is through aerobics, which not just keeps your circulation steady but also ensure a healthy pumping of the heart. Similarly, physical exercises such as going for a walk or a jog in the morning, or dedicating a set number of hours each week to a sports activity can also improve your cognition and boost memory.  

Another way to improve brain functioning and memory is through natural supplements, such as Vasculex. They are supplements for blood circulation, minimize the risk of high blood pressure, and prevent blood clots in the brain.

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Disclaimer: The supplements must only be taken after you’ve consulted with your cardiologist or family physician.