Have you been experiencing sudden bouts of weakness and numbness in the limbs for no apparent reason? These can be symptoms of poor blood flow. Usually, our body exhibits these symptoms, which we often overlook. Which is why we often don’t get to the root of the problem until it aggravates into something major.

If you want to improve your quality of life and ward off ailments before they’ve even begun, you should give this piece a read. It tells you about symptoms of poor blood circulation that usually surface in the form of medical concerns such as these:

Numbness and Tingling in the Hands and Feet

Do you feel like you can’t leave your legs hanging from a chair for very long? If that’s so, your quality of life is probably being affected by this inconvenience. This minor problem turns into a nightmare if you have a desk job that requires you to sit in a chair for long hours every day. It’s time to notice this problem and consider taking our blood circulation supplements to remedy the problem.

Cold Hands and Feet

Do your hands and feet suddenly go cold or stay unnaturally cold usually? This indicates there’s some problem with your blood circulation.

This usually occurs because blood isn’t getting supplied sufficiently throughout your body and your limbs remain deprived of it.

Swelling in Limbs

Swelling in ankles or feet is the most common sign of restricted blood flow. Fluid can collect in some parts of the body due to bad circulation. This condition is called edema.

This can also have a grave impact on your quality of life because it restricts your mobility. Without being able to walk around easily, you’re consequently restricting your blood flow further.

Digestive Issues

A body with a normal metabolism digests food intake and converts it into one-part energy and one-part feces. This becomes obvious when you keep track of the number of times you’re relieving yourself in the toilet. If it’s not enough and you’re also experiencing stomach aches or bloating, it’s most likely a digestive problem. And blood circulation is the most frequent cause of these digestive problems.


Do you feel listless and low on energy for most of the day, every day? It’s normal to feel exhausted after a long day of work but not so much if you’re fatigued most of the time. If you’re suffering from irregular and abnormal patterns of fatigue, it’s a red flag. Your blood circulation might be to blame.

If you’re experiencing some or most of the above-mentioned symptoms for extended periods, it’ll help to order one of our supplements for blood circulation online. They enhance the blood flow by restricting blood clotting, thereby enriching your wellness overall.

Please consult a doctor before you take our supplement.