Why Vasculex


Vasculex uses Natural Ingredients to return coagulation to normal allowing healthy bloodflow.  This healthy maintenance of bloodflow carries nutrients to each and every organ.  Below you can see the effects on the following organs of the Vasculex product.

The main changes happen with PAI-1 (Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1) which changes with food activity, stress and many others but also increases at night, called circadian rhythm. Maintaining Blood flow is important for the brain to preserve memory and cognition, reduce anxiety and avoid personality ups & downs or bipolar changes.

The heart is the main pumping organ in our body that keeps blood circulating includes arteries to the heart itself.

Endocrine glands or glands that produce all of the bodies hormones, from Pituitary in the head, to the thyroid engine that heats up metabolism, adrenal glands that produce adrenal & adrenaline related hormones as well as cortisol & cortisone ADHEA etc. then pancreatic that helps digestion and other hormones producing insulin, to genital that produce essential sex hormones.

Liver (Lipids, immunity and coagulation) where all metabolism is modified, proteins made and broken down, fats & our essential lipids that form HDL, LDL & triglycerides are altered and formed, carbohydrates are made and used while vitamins and minerals are incorporated or used to control most of the essential metabolic changes. Also the main production & engine of lipids, immunity and coagulation.

Spleen and Lymph nodes where immunity resides, inflammation and healing is master minded.

Entire bowel stomach, small intestine, large intestine important digestive & absorption.

Kidneys and bladder where all water control happens and blood pressure is controlled, without blood flow to the kidneys very little can happen.

We continue to develop new vasculex formulations to target specific symptoms for relief and improvement including VASCULEX AO, VASCULEX AZD, VASCULEX AO-S (SUPER AO), VASCULEX AO-S (DEPRESSION), and VASCULEX MEMORY COGNITION.