Healthy Blood Flow

For a Healthy Life

Maintaining blood flow is important for your Brain and preserves memory and cognition

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  • Improves blood flow
  • Blood vessel protection
  • Avoid mental aging
  • Reduce blood clots
  • Improves platelet function
  • Preserves brain function
  • Improves arterial wall flexibility
  • Reduces arterial wall inflammation
  • Protect and heal bones

Why Vasculex

Vasculex uses Natural Ingredients to return coagulation to normal allowing healthy bloodflow.  This healthy maintenance of bloodflow carries nutrients to each and every organ that can change with varying factors such as; food, activity, stress and sleep.  It also Protects the Blood Vessels from damage, which in turn maintains healthy blood flow.

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Vasculex Product Line

Vasculex is a natural product which contains 250 mg protein resulting from the fermentation of Bacillopeptidase F proprietary blend from, with a proprietary blend containing a proprietary blend of AGC and non B vitamin that provides healthier platelet function and arterial wall flexibility. Thus promoting a healthy global arterial structure and flow. We continue to develop new Vasculex formulations that target specific symptoms for relief and improvement.

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